See No Evil vs The Marine

May 10, 2016

The Champ is here and it is kicking ass. The Marine is on a winning streak unseen in the WFF up until now. Can it continue to dominate? Well that is what the 2006 See No Evil starring Kane is trying to find out. This horror movie where an insane killer rips out the eyes of his victims stands to fight John Cena and his cliche action movie. The judges watch See No Evil and score it to compare to The Marine. Will they enjoy this lack luster predictable plot and it's barely phoned in acting? You will just have to wait and SEE. See what I did there? Also in this episode are our undercard fights where Goldberg and Kevin Nash fight each other on the Loveboat and Shawn Michael swims with Pamela Anderson while fighting Mick Foley as he hangs with an Ape. Who will be the ultimate winner and claim a spot int he championship tournament?

Listen as Baby Gorilla Hands, The Million Dollar Brain, and Fatty Jackson sit down to review this movie and declare a winner.  Undercard results and scorecards in the read more section.


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