Tooth Fairy vs See No Evil (repost)

August 2, 2016
The is week we add some serious star power to the show. To take on the current champion See No Evil starring Kane. The judges have decided to throw Dwayne The Rock Johnson into the ring. With his family comedy The Tooth Fairy is there enough fun and laughter to defeat the highly contested champion. We start out with our undercard fights of Ahmed Johnson in Too Legit: The MC hammer story vs Ludvig Borga in American Tigers and Chyna in Cougar Club vs Pamela Paulshock in an episode of Las Vegas. Who has the skills to make it to the championship round?

Then we review the Tooth Fairy and compare it to See No Evil and decide who will be the WFF belt wearer next episode. Lastly like all episodes we reveal our finishing moves and put the Tooth Fairy to rest.


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